Dec, 20, 2014

Vincent Fournier: Space Project

Ergol #1, Arianespace, Guiana Space Center [CGS], Kourou, French Guiana, 2007

Vincent Fournier: Space Project

For his Space Project series, French photographer Vincent Fournier explores the hidden technological worlds of space exploration across the globe, unveiling uncanny moments in places like the French Guiana Space Centre, a Norwegian radar array, the cosmonaut training center in Star City, Russia, and the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.

Fournier’s photographs traverse the visual borderlands between scientific exploration and poetic imagination. Space Project freely mixes a documentary-style visual precision with a cinematic sense of staging, so that “mythical places of space exploration become film sets where Jacques Tati would meet with Jules Verne or Stanley Kubrick.” Accompanied only by Fournier’s dryly informative captions, these selections from the series produce a vision of a modern world rendered uncanny through technological pursuits of the unknown.

Vincent Fournier