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Introduction: Space Race

Why is the first issue of Material about space? Material 1 is about space because starting here reflects one of our central means of observation: to understand the whole, you have to start with the extreme. Peruse the borders. Mark your limits. Establish the frontier. Often the best position from which to begin any analysis […]

What I Found in Carl Sagan’s Journals

Excerpts from the Sagan Journals: 1969-1979   By Heather D’Angelo The first time I heard the name “Carl Sagan” was somewhere along the FDR—I was around six years old, and sitting beside my dad during our usual Friday night drive from my grandmother’s house in Staten Island. The special edition of Cosmos had just […]

Excerpts From the Journals of Carl Sagan: 1969-1979

December 14, 1969 The caudal bone is near the genitals. I bet the musculature for wagging a tail involves some of the muscles in sexual activity. Are dogs and cats sexually turned on when they wag their tails? Note how nicely this correlates with the nature of the […]

The Voyager Golden Record: Postcards From Planet Earth

A message in a bottle. The first cosmic mixtape. A letter from home that may never reach its destination. Compiled for NASA by a Cornell University committee led by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan in 1977, copies of the Golden Record are currently carried aboard both Voyager I and Voyager II spacecraft as they plunge […]